A New Years Wish from FHC


Over the weekend we counted down to 2017, as we look towards the future, here’s a look back at some of 2016’s APCD numbers.

20 state APCD statutes now on the books with the passage this year in Hawaii, Delaware and Florida.

12 diverse reports based on APCD data from @CIVHC

165 million APCD records summarized in the Minnesota Health Care Service Public Use File, released earlier this year along with two other utilization and diagnosis files.

6: The Supreme Court majority in Gobeille vs. Liberty Mutual that catalyzed creation of the Common Data Layout.

47500: The Federal Register page where the Department of Labor requested comments on a post-Gobeille reporting strategy as part of ERISA rulemaking. (Volume 81, Number 140)

38 Comments submitted to the Department of Labor that specifically cited Gobeille and expressed support for expanded APCD claims data collection, or 19% of all the comments submitted on a much broader set of ERISA rule changes and reporting requirements.

Immeasurable: our wishes that you have a healthy and Happy New Year! 

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