APCD Questions on Communications Strategies? FHC Answers.


FHC is pleased to present the first in a series of answers to frequently-asked questions about All Payer Claims Databases. This week’s question:

Why do we need an APCD communications strategy?

FHC Project Manager/Writer Gabi Lockhart answers: “As an APCD evolves and starts delivering data and reports, it’s an important moment to continue getting information out to the health care community. Messaging can include updates about data availability, how to request data, and where to find user guides. We typically suggest having these materials ready when the first reports or data files are ready to go.”

Gabi’s top tips:

  • Tailor materials for different audiences such as the general public, researchers, and health care providers
  • Avoid jargon and take time to define key concepts in materials geared to general audiences
  • Directly address privacy, security, data completeness, and data quality
  • Illustrate the breadth and depth of the APCD by showing statistics such as years of data, number of members, and number of claims included in the database

For more information, contact Gabi at glockhart@freedmanhealthcare.com or 617.243.9509 x 205

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