APCD Questions Regarding Data Use Fees? FHC Answers.


This week, in APCD Questions? FHC Answers. we are tackling questions relating to APCD data use fees.


What should we consider when setting APCD data use fees?

Alyssa Ursillo, FHC’s lead on APCD data release governance, replies: “APCD leaders are committed to providing data to a wide range of qualified users, often by varying the level of detail or amount of data that can be requested for specific uses. In some APCDs, data use fees also need to cover the expenses related to producing the files. These two factors are the primary drivers of data use fees and are particular to each APCD and its health care community.”

In our work with states, FHC teams help:

Frame the statutory and regulatory framework for fees and users

Estimate the level of effort and cost of production

Engage potential users

Forecast demand

Test a proposed fee schedule against those in other states and data suppliers

For additional information, please contact Alyssa Ursillo at aursillo@freedmanhealthcare.com 617.243.9509 x 204

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