APCD Questions About Data Release Policies? FHC Answers.


This week, Gabi offers her advice on how to build a balanced data release policy:

How have other APCDs built a balanced data release policy?

FHC Project Manager/Writer Gabi Lockhart, answers: “Successful APCDs form a data release governance group well before any data become available for release. Bringing this group together to weigh in on policy and process helps build a shared understanding and agreement on data release principles well in advance of reviewing a specific request for data. It’s especially important to thoroughly consider how to balance access against concerns about privacy. We recommend that the APCD team be ready to support the group by sharing research on other states’ decisions, providing opportunities for comment, and offering practical strategies for managing data release.”

Gabi’s list of participants in this governance group includes:

    • State staff and data management vendor for insight into the data products
    • Payers, providers, and consumers to weigh in on data uses, protections and policy
    • Potential data users to frame the range of opportunities, address analytic needs and build interest
    • A privacy policy expert to assist with interpreting guidelines

For more information, contact Gabi at glockhart@freedmanhealthcare.com or 617.243.9509 x 205

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