APCD Questions on Trends in Data Manager Procurements? FHC Answers.


This week, Tanya discusses observed trends in data manager procurements:

What are the trends in APCD data manager procurements?

Senior Consultant Tanya Bernstein answers: “As APCDs evolve, state-issued requests for proposals are going beyond data collection and aggregation to address increased interest in access to this rich data source for multiple state purposes. Reflecting this shift and good procurement practice, some highlights from recent RFPs include:

  • Integrating APCD data into state-owned business intelligence environments
  • Aligning with other state health policy initiatives
  • Preference for open-source tools and methodologies
  • Multi-tiered validation processes
  • Service level requirements on report delivery and system performance
  • Deliverables-based payment arrangements
  • Open-ended response formats


For more information, please contact Tanya at tbernstein@freedmanhealthcare.com or at 617.243.9509 x 208


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