Freedman HealthCare contributes to landmark white paper on healthcare trends in Central Texas


Why care about health and healthcare? Central Health, the Austin-based hospital district authority, hired Freedman Healthcare, along with partners Health Resources in Action (HRIA) and Sierra Systems, to find some answers. Central Health was concerned about the rising cost of health care and the health disparities emerging across the five-county region in Central Texas. They charged us to help educate their diverse stakeholder groups about the root causes of declining access and health and escalating costs, and to motivate leaders in the public and private sectors to collaborate and take action. An ongoing project, the team is facilitating a series of consensus meetings, whose focus is centered around the research findings published in our landmark White Paper, “Health and Healthcare Trends and Innovations in Central Texas.” 
The White Paper captured the trends and practices in the public and private sector that are improving and/or hindering optimal community health, health care, and economic development.  The research findings were presented by Freedman affiliate consultant Margie Ross Decter and HRIA Vice President Steve Ridini, to more than 200 leaders in the region on October 13th at the kick-off session of the Leader Dialogue Series. An ongoing initiative, the Series will help Central Health convene diverse leaders from stakeholder groups such as employers, insurers, providers, government, non-profits, and consumers, to build consensus around the priorities needed to improve health and health care in the region, and create an action plan to make measurable progress on achieving these objectives.


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