Freedman HealthCare Sponsors NAHDO APCD Meeting


On November 14, 2011, the National Association of Health Data Organizations (NAHDO) held its 5th annual all-payer claims database conference, Expanding and Enhancing All Payer Claims Database System Capacity in the States.  Freedman HealthCare proudly sponsored and helped plan this Alexandria, VA event, and was represented by John Freedman who moderated a panel discussion on innovative uses of APCD for policy and market improvements, and Linda Green who hosted a round table discussion on non-claims payments and data collection.  Dr. Freedman moderated the morning session on Innovative Uses of APCD for Policy and Market Improvements.  Panelists included Julie Bartels, Wisconsin Health Information Organization; Thomas Mahoney, MD, Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency; Young Joo, Massachusetts Division of Health Care Finance and Policy;  and Ian Duncan, University of California, Santa Barbara.  Mr. Joo showed how Massachusetts used their APCD to investigate the costs and quality of inpatient care, finding no correlation between the amount paid for care and the measured quality across several different conditions or procedures.  His work has contributed to the ongoing market and payment reform discussions in Massachusetts.  Also regarding Massachusetts, Mr. Duncan discussed his research into the effects of health care reform on coverage and access to care.  Ms. Bartels discussed the latest activities of Wisconsin’s voluntary APCD, including efforts at evaluating practice patterns for specialty care.  Dr. Mahoney discussed his work with the Finger Lakes (NY) Health Systems Agency on patient centered medical homes and efforts to tie the APCD in to the regions HIE.

Linda Green facilitated one of the afternoon roundtables on non-claims payment issues in APCDs.  Non-claims payments, such as quality bonuses, infrastructure payments or capitation payments, can result in incorrect payment analyses as important payment amounts are missing from the data.  Similarly, tracking of utilization may be incorrect if certain encounters or services are not coded in claims, for example, if physicians fail to submit a claim for all office visits when they are paid under capitation.  See the conference website for additional information.

Ms. Green also served on the program committee for the meeting.

Read conference highlights published by NAHDO.

Additional information about the conference, including presentations and panelist slides can be found on NAHDOs website.
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