Freedman HealthCare to Speak at Alaska Health Care Commission Meeting


Freedman HealthCare will attend the Alaska Health Care Commission’s meeting on October 11, 2012 to present initial findings as part of the All Payer Claims Database (APCD) Feasibility Study the firm was hired to carry out. The Alaska Health Care Commission is established in statute and focuses on various health and healthcare systems goals for the state, including cost containment, increased transparency, evidence-based medicine,  and population-based prevention initiatives.

In September 2012, Freedman HealthCare travelled to Alaska to conduct a series of stakeholder interviews surrounding the possible uses for an APCD. The October presentation by FHC’s Linda Green and Amy Lischko will present the firm’s preliminary conclusions as a result of the interviews. Freedman HealthCare will then develop a full report for the Health Care Commission, including final recommendations for  cost-benefit analysis for an APCD in Alaska, timeline for implementation, possible organizational structures, and potential alternative models.

Agenda and teleconference information for the meeting can be found here. Freedman Healthcare’s presentation is available here.  

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