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Today, the New York State Health Foundation published its study of hospital price variation in New York State. Entitled Why Are Hospital Prices Different? An Examination of New York Hospital Reimbursement, this study, the first of its kind in New York, examined hospital prices and contract terms negotiated between commercial insurers and hospitals in three regions of New York, focusing on the following goals:

  • Assess hospital contracting practices
  • Understand how hospital prices are set in New York’s private commercial market
  • Develop a methodology to compare hospital prices
  • Examine the extent to which prices differ across hospitals, and
  • Study whether hospital prices are influenced by various factors such as hospital quality and market leverage.


For this report, FHC led the analysis of hospital quality measures and the relationship between hospital quality and the payment levels negotiated between hospitals and insurers. In this role, FHC designed the methodology, identified standardized data quality measures (from national and New York State-specific sources), analyzed hospital discharge data against these measures, and communicated the findings via graphics and narrative text. To download the full report, click on the link below.



New York State Health Foundation Report New York State Health Foundation Report (0 KB)

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