MA Attorney General Releases 5th Report in Cost Trends Report Series


Today, Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey released the fifth report in a series of reports on health care cost trends. Beginning in 2010, this series of examinations and reports has highlighted, among other findings, major price disparities among providers that are unrelated to quality of care, patient complexity or other factors.

Today’s report focuses on health cost growth in MA and how that growth impacts consumers. Among the main findings: (1) “there has been progress in both consumer directed and provider oriented initiatives, but important challenges remain,” and (2) “market dysfunction persists, with continued cost and access consequences for consumers.” The report  concludes with several recommendations for policymakers and stakeholders. In short, the large price disparities noted 5 years ago remain, and have even become entrenched in the global payments arrangements of major MA health insurers. Global payments, tiered and limited networks, and other efforts by the state and the marketplace have yet to improve the situation for MA patients, employers and taxpayers.

As with the earlier cost trends reports, Freedman HealthCare provided assistance to the Office of the Attorney General for this report.

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