What I Wish They Taught in School


Project Assistant Ildiko Kemp reflects on the top 3 data topics she wishes she had been taught in school:

Working as a Project Assistant at FHC has given me insight into the importance of learning about different types of data, as better data leads to better healthcare research and policy implementations. With both educators and students in mind, I’ve come up with what I think are the top three health data topics I wish I had been taught as a health policy undergraduate:

    1. The differences and nuances surrounding clinical vs. administrative data;

    2.  Progress and issues of interoperability within different types of data (e.g. comparing HIE data from different HIX, or comparing MMIS claims to APCD/commercial claims); and

    3. The challenges of integrating clinical and claims data together.

Educating students on the different types of healthcare data available, as well as issues of interoperability and data integration, sets students up for a better understanding of the uses and limitations that encompass the various types of healthcare data, useful knowledge for the next generation of emerging healthcare professionals, no matter the field of study.


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