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Alyssa Harrington


Ms. Harrington has a breadth of experience managing data and conducting statistical analyses in a variety of public health and health care settings. As a Consultant at FHC, Ms. Harrington has been analyzing a range of data sources from state health organizations and providers to meet health reform project efforts.

Prior to FHC, she served as Program Coordinator and Data Quality Specialist at Boston Medical Center (BMC), where she managed the data systems for several government funded public health programs. Her tasks included managing data security and confidentiality, building and managing databases, projecting and monitoring program targets, and creating data reporting methods. Prior to joining BMC, Ms. Harrington worked at the Tufts University Department of Health Education as a Field Project and Research Consultant where she developed surveys to examine student attitudes and behaviors around sexual violence and sexual violence prevention, analyzed the results, and developed strategies for mobilizing the student community around these issues.

Ms. Harrington holds a Master of Public Health, with a concentration in Health Communication, from Tufts University School of Medicine, and a Bachelor of Arts from Tufts University.