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Maggie Adams-McBride

Project Manager

Ms. Adams-McBride is a seasoned Project Manager with 6 years of experience supporting multi-sector healthcare initiatives in developing patient-centered approaches to improving health and healthcare value. Ms. Adams-McBride provides project support to FHC’s clients through grant writing, stakeholder engagement, cross-sector meeting facilitation, data driven solutions, community engagement, and strategic planning. Ms. Adams-McBride’s areas of experience and focus include health equity and social determinants of health, with a specialty in maternal health.

Before joining FHC, Ms. Adams-McBride spent the last six years of her career facilitating the development and management of a cross-sector collaborative to eliminate health inequities in birth outcomes in Asheville, North Carolina. She worked on behalf of a local health system to engage stakeholders in developing a shared vision and metrics, strategic plan, and sustainability plan for the collaborative. Through this work, Ms. Adams-McBride focused on building authentic and trusting relationships with community residents to build solutions supported by systems change in local non-profits, businesses, public sector, and health systems to create lasting impact. Her leadership ultimately led to the development of a pilot to reimburse community-based doula services through a value-based care model in accordance with North Carolina Medicaid Transformation.

Ms. Adams-McBride holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Culture from Indiana University and a Master of Public Health from the Gilling’s School of Global Public Health at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.