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Mary Wakefield

Project Manager

Mary Wakefield is a Project Manager specializing in Health Policy. She has extensive experience in managing large, longitudinal projects with diverse stakeholders, competitive metrics, and meaningful outcomes for communities and public health. At Freedman HealthCare she focuses on supporting projects utilizing state-wide data to center and advance health equity and racial justice. Her primary focus is the Rhode Island Ecosystem wherein data sources across state agencies are combined to allow for streamlined access by internal government agencies and external researchers and members of the public to examine the multi-dimensional impacts of health-related issues and events.

Prior to joining Freedman HealthCare Ms. Wakefield worked for several years in research on a national birth cohort project examining environmental health, public health, and cognition. She has extensive experience with community and stakeholder engagement focused on racial justice, women’s leadership and empowerment, and non-profit partnerships. She received her Master of Public Health in Biosecurity and Disaster Preparedness from Saint Louis University in 2015.