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Rebecca Mombourquette

RI Health Data Analyst

Ms. Mombourquette works directly with the State of Rhode Island on the Unified Health Infrastructure Project working on system stabilization and reporting compliance. She works alongside the State employees helping to translate complex system issues for the decision makers and ensure that Federal reporting guidelines are met.

Ms. Mombourquette’s love of helping people understand complex data has taken her across several industries. Her first full time position was with a Point of Sale software company helping government and healthcare groups implement new methods in collecting payments from customers. Seeking more quality time with data, Ms. Mombourquette’s next adventure was as a Data Miner for Fidelity Investments, combining complex data sets to help identify fraud and illegal activity. Ms. Mombourquette’s next chapter brought her to a toy company helping the Development Leadership team quantify their product lines and measure progress against development and marketing goals. Ms. Mombourquette was recruited to work for FHC, who sought her out for her strong technical and communication skills that have allowed her to thrive in a variety of industries and settings.

Ms. Mombourquette holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management of Information Systems from the University of Rhode Island where she was president of the Golden Key International Honour Society and the recipient of the award given to top performer in each major.