Freedman HealthCare Contributing to Rhode Island All Payer Claims Database


This spring, the Freedman HealthCare team begins the next phase of implementing the Rhode Island APCD. The Rhode Island APCD is the first in the nation to support the needs of a state-based Health Insurance Exchange and health insurance market regulation requirements under the Affordable Care Act. Under legislative authority granted in 2008, the Rhode Island Department of Health and the Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner are partnering to create the All Payer Claims Database. Initially, Rhode Island will conduct a broad business needs analysis to inform the plan for data, reports and analytics that will be produced with APCD data.

In 2011, the Freedman HealthCare team provided Rhode Island with strategic planning services, regulations drafting and stakeholder review of proposed data collection specifications. In 2012, Freedman HealthCare will provide overall project management, purchasing support, vendor oversight, managing the Advisory Committee process, and communications strategy. Working with Rhode Island health policy and health insurance state agencies, Freedman HealthCare will support the APCD's development in conjunction with the roll out of the Rhode Island Health Insurance Exchange, commercial insurance market reforms, and small group premium stabilization. The project expects to begin data collection in late 2012 or early 2013.

Read about Rhode Island's APCD.

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