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FHC consultants support clients in developing
and implementing customized measurement
strategies to support their specific goals.


Market Analysis

Freedman HealthCare understands the complex market forces at work in health care and knows how to sift through the data to develop meaningful policy.

Working on behalf of states’ attorney generals and others, FHC  determines which data is necessary to support a thorough review of a market’s cost, quality and value. It then uses the data to understand the competitive forces driving market dynamics.

FHC presents its findings with clarity and at clients’ request translates those findings into independent, unbiased policy recommendations.


Performance Measurement and Public Reporting

Drawing from our experience developing and managing private and public reporting initiatives for states, non-profit organizations, providers and health plans Freedman HealthCare provides comprehensive services to help our clients measure and report performance

  • Working with clients and their key stakeholders to select measures of quality, patient experience, and efficiency/cost
  • Identifying appropriate statistical techniques and benchmarks
  • Creating consumer-friendly design and content
  • Developing a clear, effective design and layout of reports

Clinical Analytics and Performance Improvement

With data in hand, Freedman HealthCare works with clients to develop clinically-relevant analytics and design quality improvement strategies. FHC also supports clients in bringing these strategies to life so they can effect change and create collaborative learning cultures within their organizations.


Payment Reform

Freedman HealthCare helps providers and payer organizations to align financial incentives with outcomes and quality of care. As you explore alternative payment models, we can help you succeed with the Triple Aim and a new sustainable business model.

  • Develop quality, utilization, and cost measures and targets
  • Create feedback mechanisms to providers, including analytics, dashboards, comprehensive reporting, and incentive programs

Assessment and Evaluation

Freedman HealthCare helps clients analyze their programs and services, and can act as an external evaluator for grant-funded projects. We assist our clients by collecting and analyzing both quantitative and qualitative data to evaluate process and outcome measures. We also develop and present comprehensive findings reports geared for a variety of audiences.

Our services include:

  • Assessment and Feasibility Studies
  • Instrument Design
  • Survey Research
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Product Evaluation for Business Growth
  • Report Preparation

Client Example:

Since 2010, FHC has supported the Rhode Island Quality Institute and the Rhode Island Department of Health with strategic planning, subject matter expertise and project management for the Rhode Island All Payer Claims Database (RI-APCD).

FHC’s knowledge, expertise and on-the-ground project management assisted the RI-APCD in achieving all statutory and operational milestones required to begin full implementation by 2013 – ahead of schedule and budget. FHC has since overseen a streamlined process for data collection and aggregation, facilitated three separate vendor procurement processes for data aggregation and analytics vendors, overseen transmission of data extracts, and helped the State navigate every fork in the road along the way.

Today, FHC continues to serve as the RI-APCD project manager, subject matter expert, and technical consultant as the State continues to operate the RI-APCD and builds a financial sustainability model for the program.