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Our Core Services


Actionable Data for States and Communities

Freedman HealthCare brings thought leadership, technical expertise, and project management to All Payer Claims Databases and Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives from Massachusetts to Hawaii.


Analytics to Transform Care and Payments

Freedman HealthCare helps clients integrate new data sources, develop measures and use data for performance improvement, public reporting and payment reform.


Engaging Diverse Partners to Generate Impact

Freedman HealthCare supports clients in forming strong partnerships with those who provide, pay for and use health care. FHC develops the processes and communications necessary for meaningful engagement and rapid progress.

From our APCD Journal

Far from perfect competition: A Look into the Market Shares of our Nation’s Leading Health Insurance Companies

Do you know the principal health insurance companies in your state? Take a look at the highly concentrated markets we discuss and see which health insurance companies hold the largest market shares (with the least amount of competition).

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All Politics, Even in Healthcare, Is Local

Are you looking for a deeper dive into the reasons why healthcare costs vary so widely among states? You may want to pay attention to your local health system. Jonathan Mathieu (Freedman HealthCare, formerly CIVHC) discusses the broader purpose, methodology, results, and policy implications of the recent NRHI report on healthcare cost variation in 6 regions.

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Data Quality Checks: A Framework for APCDs

Searching for tips on how to develop a better data quality check approach? Guest author John Bott rediscovers a successful framework for conducting data quality checks.

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What Our Clients Say

The Freedman team has been fantastic to work with. Their expert project management and content
knowledge have led us on the right path from the start and now our All Payer Claims Database is
beginning to produce real data!

— James Lucht

Informatics Manager, Rhode Island Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner

The combination of medical and measurement expertise along with depth of knowledge about health
data that Freedman HealthCare brings to the table have been critical to the success of our project.
— Barbra Rabson
Executive Director at Massachusetts Health Quality Partners