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Engaging Partners

FHC consultants support clients in using data to engage
partners, work toward shared goals and measure progress.


Supporting Employers in Achieving High-Value Health Care

FHC consultants bring decades of experience working with health care purchasers to understand and act on variations in value.

Here’s a recent example. A state is looking to increase adoption of Value Based Insurance Design (VBID) programs among employers to improve residents’ health outcomes while reducing unnecessary and potentially harmful healthcare utilization and spending.

FHC has facilitated an employer-led consortium; disseminated best practices; assessed VBID programs locally and nationally; recommended the most appropriate VBID models for various employer groups and health plans; and created an employer-facing VBID Tool Kit and targeted communication materials.

Creating Communities of Engaged Consumers

Changing the culture of health and health care requires new ways of connecting with consumers. With experience on a wide array of consumer engagement projects, FHC consultants bring lessons learned and fresh thinking.

One FHC client was looking to direct residents to more high-value services and providers. FHC supported the state in developing a continuing medical education program to assist medical professionals in discussing lower cost options for treating lower back pain.

FHC also provides project management services to help the state develop a consumer-facing website that discusses the risks and costs of potentially-avoidable complications.


Facilitating Multi-Stakeholder Projects

The problems in health care are too complex for any one stakeholder to solve alone. Yet, market dynamics can make collaboration challenging.

FHC consultants have experience bringing together physicians, provider systems, government agencies, employers, health plans, non-profit organizations and others. They know how to facilitate the difficult conversations, find shared pain points and develop collaborative, effective approaches to addressing them.


Marketing and Communications Support

FHC consultants bring experience building communications campaigns to diverse audiences, gaining positive attention from social and traditional media and developing interactive tools to share information.

FHC supports clients in refining their messaging and in developing the specific strategies to effectively share it.  FHC consultants also support clients in developing the branding, websites and materials to inform and persuade audiences.