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Open Positions

Project Associate (1-3 Years of Experience)

Freedman HealthCare is a Massachusetts-based consulting firm that specializes in health care performance measurement and improvement, health information technology, and strengthening linkages between public health and health care reform. Through our national work with state health organizations and policy makers, Freedman HealthCare is committed to creating a more efficient health care system.


We have an opportunity for an entry level professional with master’s level health care knowledge to join our team to provide a range of project support services related to health care reform/Affordable Care Act, health policy, health information technology, legislation, and programmatic best-practices. Some of your responsibilities will include:

  • Conducting qualitative research and summarize findings (Internet, stakeholder interviews, surveys)
  • Presenting ideas in a range of formats (PowerPoint, written summaries, spreadsheets)
  • Writing narrative materials
  • Arranging, participating in, and recording key findings in meetings and presentations
  • Participating in client proposal development and submissions
  • Acquiring, documenting, and sharing information on all-payer claims databases (APCDs)
  • Creating project management artifacts to be shared internally and with clients

The ideal candidate will have 1 to 3 years of experience in a health care or policy environment, aptitude for learning new subject matter and complex concepts, and must possess stellar writing skills.

Candidates must be independent and thoughtful, with the ability to simultaneously handle multiple assignments.

In order to be successful in this role you will need:

  • A master’s degree in public health or related field
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Extremely detail oriented and highly organized
  • Excellent written communication skills (please be prepared to share a writing sample)
  • Exceptional at follow-through and task management
  • Proficiency with MS Office Suite (advanced Excel data analysis skills a plus)
  • Familiarity with Medicare and Medicaid concepts
  • Familiarity with health care policy and legislative processes
  • Familiarity with health care claims (all-payer claims databases a plus)


Freedman HealthCare is an equal opportunity employer. We collaborate and deliver results while enjoying what we do. We work in a business-casual, fast paced environment and provide our team an incredible opportunity for learning, personal development and career growth. We offer a competitive salary and benefits package including medical, dental, 401K, holidays and personal time off.
This is a full-time position based in our Newton, MA office. To apply for this position, please send resume, cover letter, and salary requirements to Joanne Halpern at hr@freedmanhealthcare.com. ​Interested candidates should reply with BOTH a thoughtful cover letter and a resume for review. Resumes without an accompanying cover letter will not be considered!

Rhode Island Department of Human Services IT Systems & Support Senior Manager


The Rhode Island Department of Human Services is seeking an experienced technology and systems support team leader for the position of IT Systems & Support Senior Manager to continue stabilization of Rhode Island’s integrated eligibility system (IES) and implementation and maintenance of a high-performing technical support team for the agency. Ideal candidates will have experience in complex system transformations, strategic planning, systems development lifecycles, and staff / department management.

This is a contracted position through Freedman HealthCare.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Oversight for the current IES deployment, including: EDM, Problem Management, Release Management, Testing, Enhancements, and Roadmap planning from a DHS perspective
  • Creating and implementing strategic technology plans to support DHS business
  • Responsibility to brief the Deputy Director and (periodically) the Director and DHS Senior Leadership Team on important technical updates that have business and/or political impact.
  • Recruiting and leading a team of technical, data and business analysts; IT Systems & Support and testing staff.
  • Responsibility for management of external contractors and consultants who perform both testing, staff augmentation and deliverables-based work
  • Ensuring (in coordination with DHS leadership and the RI Department of Administration) that DHS is fully compliant with Privacy and Security regulations
  • Technical support for Federal and State audits
  • Coordinate with Federal agencies who have oversight responsibilities for State-Based Benefits Determination Systems and ensure that both data requests and compliance mandates are met
  • Responsibility for management and evolution of DHS initiatives and support for operational, leadership reporting and analytics
  • Responsible for overseeing EDM statewide, including the Scanning Center.
  • Leadership of a cross-agency data quality program
  • Special projects as requested by the Deputy Director and/or Director.
  • Continuous Process Improvements
  • Support and oversee DHS site support (statewide and in individual offices)


  • 7+ years of experience working in complex systems environments
  • 5+ years of experience leading delivery teams
  • 3+ years of experience managing/supervising IT Systems and Support Staff at multiple levels.
  • Experience in health or human services preferred
  • Understanding of health care data and general health care landscape
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office
  • Strong communication skills a must
  • Minimum of BA or BS preferably in Computer Science/Programming, Computer Engineering, Mathematics, Economics, or related field.
  • Ability to efficiently manage multiple work streams and analyses
  • Ability to evaluate incomplete data and make decisions, especially in crisis situations


  • Strong leadership and management skills.
  • Thrive in an ever-changing environment.
  • Ability to recruit, retrain, and develop people.
  • Ability to multi-task and prioritize effectively.
  • Ability to set direction for a team and monitor progress.
  • Ability to collaborate with other DHS and Secretariat (EOHHS, HSRI, DCYF, HSRI, etc.) leaders and build plans that support their needs.
  • Proven ability to meet deadlines.
  • Willingness to learn and expand knowledge.
  • Organizational skills, with strong attention to detail.
  • Strong team player.

APCD Analyst

Rhode Island state government seeks a data analyst to join our pioneering health and human services analytics team. You’ll support our efforts to use whole-market claims data, combined with other state data, to better serve whole families and communities, rather than only understanding members of specific programs. It’s a major shift in our thinking and demands excellent analysis on high-quality integrated data.

Undergirding this shift is our newly-built integrated data system – the “EOHHS Data Ecosystem”, which also houses the Rhode Island All Payer Claims Database (APCD). The Ecosystem links, for the first time, information at the family level across our agencies (child welfare, Medicaid, behavioral health, human services, and public health services). It helps inform analyses on all-payer health claims in the APCD. This tool has enabled complex, powerful analyses that have meaningfully changed our programs – in just our first year, including: understand family and child factors that correlate with future child maltreatment, which has demonstrated negative effects on medical experience; show what differentiates those who sustain recovery from opioid use disorder from those who do not; and the experience of chronic conditions across the whole population.

To keep this pace of progress, we will invest in an analyst who can draw practical knowledge from our well of high-quality integrated data. If you join our team, some of your projects might look like the following:

  • What are the statistically significant cross-agency and whole-family characteristics of high Medicaid utilizers, for distinct types of utilizers? What notable non-medical experiences can help us better address the needs of these individuals and their family support networks?
  • When a family or individual exhausts unemployment insurance benefits, what are some of the common next experiences within Medicaid? How do reduced cash support correlate with medical experiences and enrollment in other safety et benefits?
  • User our data and chosen business intelligence tool – PowerBI – to build a customized analytic environment for a project in an agency.  This self-service analytic effort would include understanding clearly the business need, the decisions the user(s) will make with this data, and how they are most comfortable working. Translate these requirements into a frictionless user experience that helps people make decisions based on data.
  • Which census blocks are associated with multi-system high utilizers? Where are our true hot spots and how many different statistically significant types of high-utilizers exist who we can meaningfully support through program changes?

To answer these questions thoughtfully, accurately, creatively and with program relevance, you’ll possess the following critical characteristics:

  • Demonstrated ability to write about and describe complex topics clearly. For us, clear communication is a sign of clear thinking and the ability draw order from chaos, key skills when seeking to influence policy with data.
  • Demonstrated successful experience drawing insights from large, complex and imperfect data sets and applying tests of statistical significance.
  • Demonstrated successful experience – and joy! – from telling compelling, holistic stories with data.
  • The ability to think and feel from the perspective of the audience and/or data users. In addition to performing analysis to influence policy, the Ecosystem strategy emphasizes self-service analytics – empowering both analysts and program managers to use data at the point of decision, which requires natural empathy for the new and developing user experience.

We are not seeking someone with a minimum number of years of experience, or a specific education level.  We are seeking someone with deep curiosity, intelligence, the skills above, and commitment to telling a family’s story with data so that we can better serve and support.

Please provide an application that is tailored to this role. A successful application will include a cover letter that describes why you’re interested in us and this specific job, clear examples of how you meet the criteria described above, and how you could support our work.

This is a contractual position located at the EOHHS offices in Cranston, RI.