John Freedman speaks at MHDC Data Managers and Users Forum


The Massachusetts Health Data Consortium invited John Freedman, MD, principal of Freedman HealthCare, to speak at their Data Managers and Users Forum, held January 11th, 2011. 

All Payer Claims Datasets (APCDs) combine inpatient and outpatient claims from multiple payers, resulting in a potentially powerful source of analytic data.  Dr. Freedman’s presentation, ‘Measuring and Improving Quality of Care Using All Payer Claims Datasets’, addressed the efforts of states around the country who use their APCDs to measure and improve the delivery of health care.  Dr. Freedman also led a discussion on this topic by:
•  providing an overview of APCDs
•  describing their successes and limitations
•  revealing current trends in APCDs across the country
•  presenting implications for the state of Massachusetts.

Freedman HealthCare’s All Payer Claims Dataset Services provides customized analytics and support to public-private teams launching consolidated data warehouses and reporting products. Our firm has breadth and depth of knowledge on all payer claims dataset policy, multi-stakeholder program development, and direct experience executing APCD projects for three states (MA, CO and RI).

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