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The national leader in All Payer Claims Databases.

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Established in 2005, FHC is a national consulting firm that helps our clients to put health data to work to solve complex problems.



As strategists, we help our clients apply the best sources and uses of data to succeed in the dynamic healthcare landscape through cost containment, quality improvement, and improved outcomes.

FHC is the leader in All Payer Claims Databases (APCDs). In over 15 states and across the political spectrum, we have helped plan, manage, and implement multi-payer claims databases. APCDs are one path towards the Triple Aim. FHC supports others: quality and cost measurement, performance improvement, price transparency, policy analysis, payment reform, value-based insurance design, and consumer engagement.

Our seasoned consultants leverage their professional roots in government, clinical settings, and public health organizations to engage and inform diverse stakeholder groups in transformative health data projects. We deliver creative and flexible solutions. Clients benefit from FHC’s objectivity, custom approaches, and creative problem solving.


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