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Andriele Madison

Project Manager

Ms. Madison is a Public Health professional with six years of experience in project management, monitoring and evaluation, research, and policy analysis. In her previous roles, she successfully managed the implementation of multi-stakeholder health initiatives, bringing together non-profit and government organizations. Ms. Madison also spearheaded active data collection and utilized quantitative and qualitative data to create evidence-based materials for Bangladesh, Scotland, England, and Wales policymakers. As a Project Manager for the Rhode Island Executive Office of Health and Human Services Ecosystem, she is responsible for effectively organizing and implementing analytical projects supporting government functions, fulfilling required reporting obligations, and driving program and policy improvements across multiple agencies. Ms. Madison also assists with the Ecosystem's data governance efforts to help agencies and policymakers obtain data to make informed decisions. She also supports the public-facing RI Cost Trends Project sponsored by the Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner to advance insight into services cost and utilization that is driving health care cost growth. Ms. Madison holds a Master of Science degree in Global Health from Georgetown University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical and Cultural Anthropology from the University of Utah.