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Carey Sue Barney


With over two decades of leadership in operations management, Ms. Barney is dedicated to delivering exceptional results through strategic planning, process optimization, and fostering collaborative partnerships. She is known for orchestrating and implementing operational improvements, and has spent her career optimizing budgets, streamlining financial processes, and leading cross-functional teams to exceed performance targets. As Controller at Freedman HealthCare, she supports change and growth in a way that sustains and benefits both employees and the organization.

Ms. Barney develops and maintains long-lasting relationships with clients and stakeholders through thoughtful communication. Her efforts in fostering collaboration between departments have optimized workflow and driven organizational success. From migrating organizations to new software, resulting in streamlined financial processes and revenue growth, to introducing employee benefits that significantly boosted retention and reduced turnover, she has consistently delivered results that have helped businesses grow.

In addition to her technical experience, Ms. Barney holds a degree from Birmingham-Southern College in English Literature with a minor in Photography. She also completed the Master’s program at The University of Alabama with a concentration in English Literature. Outside the office, she is deeply committed to serving her community, whether it's facilitating affordable housing initiatives, launching food pantries, or overseeing fundraising efforts for educational institutions.