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Emma Rourke

Project Manager

Ms. Rourke serves as Project Associate at FHC and uses her deep experience to provide communications, marketing, and general project support to clients and FHC staff. Ms. Rourke is FHC’s expert on social media content, shaping and implementing social media strategy for both internal and client use. Additionally, she manages various FHC digital platforms, including its Twitter page, Facebook page, LinkedIn page, newsletter, APCD Journal Blog, and website. In addition to her work creating content, Ms. Rourke has also been instrumental in designing and managing the creation of various internal and client websites. Most notably, Ms. Rourke took lead implementing the Price Is Your Right Challenge in conjunction with The Donaghue Foundation, MA CHIA, MeHI, and the Harvard Medical School Department of Health Care Policy, where she designed a complex website and managed the marketing and facilitation of a nation-wide contest.

Ms. Rourke applies her excellent writing and editing skills from her work as a content editor at Trip Advisor, and brings an understanding of healthcare administrative support from her prior experience working with Massachusetts-based providers. Additionally, she draws from her time serving on the communications team for several successful political campaigns, where she led the creation of effective Twitter hashtags and constituent communication, to serve as the go-to for all internal and client communications services. Ms. Rourke is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Politics, with a concentration in Constitutional Law and Civil Liberties.