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Gary Swan

Senior Consultant

Mr. Swan is a leader with over a decade of experience in healthcare administration, specializing in state healthcare systems and provider organization leadership. At Freedman HealthCare, he serves as a Senior Consultant, leading client projects in policy and healthcare practice, ensuring timely, budget-conscious outcomes. Mr. Swan has orchestrated strategic work plans, established timelines, and formulated project implementation methods. In his prior role, Mr. Swan served as the Associate Director of Network Engagement and Operations for a large national payer. He worked to enhance performance metrics, data accuracy, and cross-functional collaboration, elevating provider engagement and the quality of care for over 26,000 members. His strategic initiatives led to improvements in provider network performance and an increase in provider participation. During his tenure with the Washington State Health Care Authority as a Senior Health Policy Analyst, he made significant contributions to population health payment methodologies, securing widespread FQHC participation in alternative payment models and spearheading rural health system sustainability projects. These efforts not only reduced healthcare costs but also improved patient outcomes across multiple metrics. Mr. Swan additional skills encompass medical administration, health policy analysis, care delivery strategy, and the design of value-based care models. His work has consistently demonstrated a dedication to improving healthcare systems, ensuring equitable, high-quality care delivery, and fostering sustainable, value-driven healthcare practices.