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Linda Green

Senior Advisor

Ms. Green has 30 years of experience in state and local government addressing complex public policy questions. Ms. Green’s recent projects focus on developing and implementing effective strategies for state-level health data collection and analysis. She serves as engagement lead for all of FHC’s all payer claims database projects in 14 states, including Colorado, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Arkansas.

As the former Director of Health Data Analytics for the Massachusetts Division of Health Care Finance and Policy, Ms. Green oversaw the APCD and hospital discharge data sets, including, regulatory process; data release policies; data intake, editing and verification procedures; harmonization with other states; measurement calculation; and website reporting implementation. She successfully streamlined the agency's data release operation, and developed a similar process for the Health Care Quality and Cost Council.

Her prior experience as Director of the Managed Care Reimbursement Unit for Commonwealth's Office of Acute and Ambulatory Care involved taking the financial lead for a $1.7B managed care program serving over 400,000 covered lives.