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Mary Jo Condon

Principal Consultant

Ms. Condon sees information and collaboration as the foundation for improving our nation’s health care system. Ms. Condon has spent more than a decade telling stories with data to inspire collaborative action to improve health through higher quality, lower cost, more equitable healthcare. Her engagement in this work has resulted in the development of care delivery and payment models that put health equity at the center and expand care teams, integrate community resources, and utilize data to address the medical, behavioral, and social needs of patients and caregivers.

While at Freedman HealthCare (FHC), Ms. Condon has led consulting engagements on complex, data driven health care policy projects requiring extensive stakeholder engagement, communications strategies, analytic methodologies and clear, concise presentation of cost and quality outputs. Recent projects include launching a regional health information collaborative in the Kansas City area, leading the Delaware state Office of Value-Based Health Care Delivery and designing a primary care payment model for Connecticut.

In her dual roles as a Senior Director for the Midwest Health Initiative, a regional health improvement collaborative based in St. Louis, and the St. Louis Area Business Health Coalition, Condon supported employers, physicians, health systems and health plans in determining shared priorities for action and developing aligned strategies to achieve improvement. Ms. Condon led several projects, including the Partnerships for Healthier Babies, a collaborative effort to reduce early elective deliveries, and the development of LiveWellSTL.org, an online tool that uses to keywords and filters to connect community members to thousands of local healthy activities and events that meet their schedule, budget and location needs. At the Business Health Coalition, Condon supported employers in their efforts to better understand health care value and communicate it through employee communications, benefit design and provider reimbursement.

Ms. Condon holds a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia and a Master’s in Public Policy Administration from the University of Missouri- St. Louis.