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Sely-Ann Headley Johnson

Project Manager

Sely-Ann Johnson, PhD, brings diverse expertise in public health, teaching, research, and epidemiology, focusing on disaster preparedness, prevention, and food safety. At FHC, Sely-Ann develops meeting and presentation materials, coordinates the completion of action items, and supports content development for client deliverables. Her projects span qualitative research, developing integrated data systems, and analyzing payment and utilization data for outpatient services, primary care investment, total healthcare expenditures, provider quality, and patient experience. In her previous role at the CDC Foundation, she served as an epidemiologist, overseeing multiple analytic projects. Her duties involved developing project summaries and data briefs, implementing process improvements, overseeing the creation of Tableau visualizations, and analyzing data to produce actionable outputs for stakeholders. Dr. Johnson holds a Ph.D. in Health Education and a Master of Public Health from the University of Toledo.