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Project Manager (3-5 Years of Experience)

We have an opportunity for an experienced professional to join our team to provide a range of project management services that require expert organizational and management skills, an analytical mindset, and a strong understanding of the health care sector.

Responsibilities include:

  • Synthesizing and assimilating complex health care concepts and policies into actionable information for FHC, its clients, and other stakeholders;
  • Facilitating decision-making by leaders through decision support analysis, presenting options, thoroughly communicating the benefits and trade-offs of each option, etc.;
  • Conducting project risk management (identifying and helping mitigate risks to the project’s success);
  • Serving as the key point of contact for FHC’s clients, subject matter experts, and other stakeholders during the lifetime of a project
  • Strategizing and making recommendations related to a range of health care projects;
  • Translating available health care data and literature reviews into clear, concise findings reports for client projects; and
  • Preparing and presenting materials for internal and external audiences.

Minimum qualifications include:

·         Master’s Degree in Public Health, Health Care Administration, Public Administration or related field or Bachelor’s degree with at least three years of related work experience.

  • Excellent written communication skills (please be prepared to share a writing sample)
  • Strong interpersonal skills, confident speaking style, and ability to broker consensus among disparate stakeholders
  • Proficiency with MS Office Suite, including production of polished, client ready documents, presentations, spreadsheets and project plans.
  • Demonstrated ability to create a workplan and timeline, create step-by-step client agendas and guide resolution of key issues
  • Extremely detail oriented and highly organized
  • Exceptional at follow-through and task management for simultaneous multiple assignments
  • Candidates may be asked to prepare a short presentation using PowerPoint and Excel based on materials provided by Freedman HealthCare.

In addition to the minimum qualifications, the ideal candidate brings:

·         Professional experience managing health policy projects that bridge organizations and points of view, running effective meetings and facilitating decision making in complex environments

·         Interest in data dissemination policy and practice in public and non-profit health care administration

·         Professional commitment to advancing US health system improvement through state government actions and non-profit initiatives

·         Experience handling multiple assignments, managing the day to day tasks of a project, and actively engaging in robust health care decision-making and discussions

Freedman HealthCare is a leader in the field of health care performance measurement and quality improvement, and we are an entrepreneurial, fast-paced, and growing consultancy. The office environment requires team work, open communication, and the ability to conform to exacting standards.

Freedman offers a professional, collaborative, flexible work environment so its agile and talented team can focus on the providing clients a clear path to exceptional results. If you enjoy developing creative solutions and feel passionate about improving health care, send your resume and a cover letter to Joanne Halpern at jhalpern@freedmanhealthcare.com


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